What Shorts Are in Style?

Summer 2019’s shorts trends go way beyond your typical cutoffs. While those will always be in style, we’ve seen a recent spike in popularity when it comes to biker shorts and Bermudas. Yup, that to-the-knee silhouette is back, and we won’t leave you hanging when it comes to styling advice. All of the shorts here (even your distressed jeans!) should be worn with proportional pieces that are true to your taste, and we’re breaking down the basics as we introduce you to each category.

Whether you’re a tomboy who’s all about the resurgence of the nylon gym short or someone who’s inspired by all things vintage and you love the paper bag look, there are outfit ideas and shopping options for you here. We’ve even come up with a few challenges for you to dabble in. Like, why not attempt to wear your go-to cycling class bottoms with a pair of kitten heel sandals? It’s the Summer, so have fun with your look and don’t just stick to dresses and skirts when there’s a wide world of shorts out there for you to experiment with.

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