Outdoor Voices Tevas Collection 2019

Fashion fads ebb and flow, but the one trend we truly did not see coming was the emergence of sporty sandals. We’re talking the strappy sandals that we previously only associated with hiking and camping. They’ve recently been embraced by the fashion world, and we’re totally on board with the trend. In the right colorway, there’s something so cool about these sandals, and we’re always interested in how our favorite designers are interpreting the look. The one we might just be the most excited for, though, is a 2019 take on the shoe that started it all. The impossibly cool athleisure brand Outdoor Voices has teamed up with Teva to create the Hurricane XLT2 ($85), and they’re something to behold.

The inventive colorways are what elevate these sandals into, dare we say it, a Summer street style staple. We’d pair these with cropped jeans and a white t-shirt, or bike shorts for a more athletic look. If you’re not into strappy sandals because you’re worried about blisters (we feel you), these come with a blister-proof heel tab, so your worries can go out the window. You can get them wet without worrying about ruining your shoes, and they’re a statement in the best possible way. Fashion girls everywhere will be flocking to the Outdoor Voices site, so grab yours before they’re gone!

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