Meghan Markle Sunglasses | POPSUGAR Fashion

While some people in the public eye are rarely seen without sunglasses on, members of the British royal family tend not to wear them too often. Whether that’s because the weather in the UK doesn’t really warrant them or because eye contact is key on royal engagements is up for debate. But one thing is for sure: they’re definitely not against royal protocol. Even Queen Elizabeth II has been spotted sporting shades on occasion, and her daughter Princess Anne has quite the collection of cool frames. So it should come as no surprise that Meghan Markle has made her collection of chic frames a big part of her royal wardrobe.

The good news for fans of her royal style is that Meghan’s sunglasses are one of the easiest styles to copy. Many of the most iconic frames from her collection are still available to buy, including a trio of Illesteva favorites and the bargain Le Specs shades she sported during her baby shower. Keep reading for a look at all of Meghan’s shady moments and to shop those duchess-approved styles for yourself.

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