Kate Middleton Wearing Pants | POPSUGAR Fashion

It is a truth universally acknowledged among fashion enthusiasts that, when she isn’t busy playing sports or spending some time in nature, Kate Middleton generally likes to turn to romantic knee-length dresses and colorful coats, of which she has a pretty impressive collection. Sure, she often wears jeans when she visits centers where she is expected to interact with the public, and she has curated a sneaker collection that would give anyone major shoe envy. But wearing smart trousers on an official outing that doesn’t necessarily include any kind of outdoorsy or sporty activity? This used to be quite a rare sight — until recently.

Perhaps influenced by her sister-in-law Meghan, who’s more than once worn chic pants during official royal appearances, the Duchess of Cambridge has, over the past few months, started to introduce more variety to her royal ensembles. From tailored high-waisted trousers to sleek flared pants and ankle-revealing culottes, Kate has been throwing us a few stylish curveballs, and we’re already excited to see more. Ahead, get a closer look at all the times the mother of three chose to swap her dresses for sophisticated trousers. We don’t know if they’re Queen Elizabeth-approved, but we’re certainly loving them.

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