How to Stay Stylish on the Go

While exciting, the lives of fashion editors are often hectic and full of long nights and early mornings. Teaming up with the makers of LUMIFY™ eye drops, one fashion editor is spilling her secret weapons for looking fresh and focused even on her busiest days.

We’ve all been exhausted from a late night out or a busy day at work, and it is not fun — especially when your alarm goes off and it’s officially time to rally! As a fashion editor, I’m constantly on the go, hopping from meetings to events and even nighttime parties. But no matter how tired I may be, it’s always important for me to look my best — after all, it’s in my job description! Over time, I’ve curated a tool kit consisting of the products I consistently turn to when I need an extra dose of shine, and even on my most hectic days, these must haves never fail me. Check them out below.